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Throughout their studies, students write a variety of research papers: term papers, internship reports, articles, and finally a diploma. Each type of essay assistance has its own requirements for the design and writing. Among these requirements is the volume of the term paper.
Also, most often such requirements are presented in the guidelines for the relevant subject, issued by the university. If there are no instructions from the teacher on this subject, then it is worth focusing on a volume of 25-35 pages. In this case, the older the course, the volume of coursework should be closer to the upper limit of the range (about 35 pages).
On the first page number is not put, but in the total volume of coursework it is included.
The second page of the coursework is the table of, despite the fact that the research paper itself begins with the introduction, the table of contents is a full section of any scientific work, which is included in the volume and is numbered.
Introductory part of the term paper is represented by a number of mandatory elements, the total volume of 1-2 pages. This part in a concise form presents the main essence of the study. If the introduction goes beyond two pages, it is worth revising the content of this part.
This part forms the basis of the term paper and takes about 20-25 pages. The number of chapters may vary depending on the subject, but most often the main part of the term paper contains 3 chapters. The allocated volume should be evenly distributed among the chapters: 6-8 pages per chapter. In the same way you should distribute these pages on the paragraphs of each chapter: depending on their number per paragraph is 2-4 pages.
The final part formulates the main conclusions and proposals for the study. This part of the programming homework help usually takes 2-3 pages.
The number of pages that occupy the list of references depends on the number of sources. If the teacher does not impose any special requirements on the number of sources, you should count on one page of text for one source of literature. Thus, a reference list of 35 sources will take about 2-3 pages.

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