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An abstract is a report on a topic that contains information from one or more sources, or get college essay help. It can also be an abbreviated content of a research project, article, etc. Students of different universities quite often have to perform tasks of this kind.

Usually students themselves choose the theme of the work from those that they offer a teacher. One of the most difficult moments in the performance of such an assignment is considered to be the creation of the main part, or get help from site

The main part of the abstract is usually divided into several chapters and paragraphs, each of which is characterized by independence and completeness. But at the same time, all sections must be logically related to each other, each of the following paragraphs is a continuation of the previous one.

All chapters and paragraphs of the work should be numbered. Titles most often highlighted in bold or bold italics, and the use of hyphenation and underlining is unacceptable. When writing a small abstract, you can refuse such a section and simply highlight the main part, which has one common header.

The first chapter of the main part of the work under consideration is a theoretical component, or use For its design, it is necessary to take one or more sources, which are customary to use textbooks from the library of the educational institution or the Internet.

All information found should be carefully double-checked to make sure its reliability. Theoretical part implies a summary of the history of the problem discussed, the disclosure of the degree of study of the issue by both domestic and foreign experts.

The second chapter is usually analytical. In this part of the abstract the student has to analyze the collected theoretical information and based on the results of practical research, to make independent conclusions on the chosen topic.

The volume of the main part of the abstract usually makes from 6 to 16 pages: it is the largest section of the work. Each new chapter should begin on the next page.


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