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Greatest Topcon Laser Levels To Buy


For your information, Topcon is an awesome brand manufacturing laser levels that is tailor-made for beginners at reasonable and affordable prices. That’s why today we are going to give you a detailed review list of the greatest Topcon laser levels so you can make up your mind and decide whether to buy them or not.

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1. Topcon RL-H5A Horizontal Self-Leveling Rotary Laser:

This amazing multi-purpose laser level is not only suitable for indoor tasks but also grading, building deck, construction, and other outdoor projects that require a laser level’s assistance. RL-H5A laser level can ensure you with perfect accuracy and precision in every single duty you accomplish.



Weight: 12.9 pounds
Accuracy: +-1/16” or 1/8”
Laser class: Self-leveling
Battery running time: 100 hours.
Batteries: 4D



+ This best self leveling laser level has a working accuracy of about +-1/16” or 1/8” at a distance of 100ft. The self-leveling range is about +-5 degrees.
+ It also has an optional manual single-axis leveling method and has a range up to 2600ft with the receiver.

+ It’s a rotary laser level and can rotate about 600 times in a minute.

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2. Topcon RL-SV1S Self Leveling Single Slope Rotary Laser:

We guarantee this economical model from Topcon will unexpectedly bring out amazing professionalism and neatness to your work. This model is quite user-friendly and you will enjoy working with it. Besides, RL-SV1S is very durable so you can use it for years without any changes in performance.



Material: Plastic
Weight: 13.62 pounds
Operation range: 800m
Rated: IP66
Battery life: 120 hours



+ This best laser line level is well-designed to provide strong support to any kind of project you are working on at the job site.

+ Topcon RL-SV1S has integrated an IP66 rating that can protect the device from water, dust, and debris in case you have to work in rough weather conditions or under heat.

+ This device also goes with other accessories including a sensor holder, batteries, charger, carry case, remote control, and lots of other things for you to explore.


3. Topcon Rl-Sv2s Dual Grade Laser

Topcon RL-SV2S dual grade laser level is another brilliant and advanced model that surely has perfect and demanding features to help you out with your tasks. This amazing device is a complete kit in itself so you don’t have to buy any accessories separately. It’s highly recommended to invest in this product for once as it will work a lifetime for you.



Weight: 13.2 pounds
Material: Plastic, glass.
Rated: IP66
Batteries: 1D
Battery life: 100 hours



+ With a dual-slope laser level, this model is suitable to use at commercial sites.
+ Topcon RL-SV2S Dual grade laser level has a strong battery that can provide an operating time of about 100 hours once you charge it fully.
+ This self levelling laser level also has a remote so you can use it from a distance.

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Owning a laser level from Topcon will make installation and alignment simpler and more convenient for you, either you are working on indoor projects or outdoor ones. Hence, we really expect you to find a suitable model of the best cross line laser level to create beautiful projects.




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