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Education in resume

The education path is always described after the career path, because recruiters are more interested in the career skills than the education path.


Nevertheless, the educational path is important because it reflects your intellectual potential and shows how prepared you are and what subjects are important to you.


List all your apprenticeships and start with the most recent / highest degree.


Each training place should have the following contents:


Area of training / study
Name of the institution / educational establishment
Year of graduation


Note: High school does not need to be listed if you subsequently obtained a higher university degree or did relevant training.


If you have just graduated from high school and have little or no work experience, focus on what you achieved during your high school years can help you with it. Simply use the same technique as described in the previous chapter and list the most notable achievements or awards you have made or received:


Successes in organisations or competitions.
Awards and praise (for particularly good results)
Mention the best school projects, group work or other important results and events.

Prioritise your achievements according to the job requirements and start with the most important for the job position. Start your sentences with using and an action verb, be precise, use numbers to support your statements and use key words from the job description.


Note: If you do not have a degree or education but have attended training, courses, free seminars or conferences, list these educational achievements.

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